We take “team” to heart.

Karen StecklerKaren Steckler, CPCC, PCC

Founder and CEO

Like many of our clients, I was happy and successful (enough) in my former corporate life. From starting and selling two of my own companies to running lead on sales and strategic relations for large technology firms, the dynamic pace, relationship building, and creative problem solving seemed like a good fit.

And it was, until I woke up to what I really loved about these roles: connecting, collaborating, and creating community for personal and organizational transformation.

I’m not the type to look back once I get clear on a goal, so it was with the discovery of my true passion, followed by hours of in-depth training, that Halo Partners came to life.

Why coaching?

It holds people as creative, resourceful, and whole, and that’s a powerful place to be.

My approach…

Is grounded in research, applied behavioral science, and life experience. I have an insatiable curiosity that people say is infectious and I am a self-declared “systems whisperer,” intellectually and intuitively engaging teams and individuals in order to ignite transformation.

I am professionally fulfilled by…

Seeing my clients experience life-changing personal and professional growth—the kind they may have only dreamed of ever achieving. Witnessing the emergence of confidence, inner clarity, and purpose takes my breath away, every time.

Friends describe me as…

A trailblazer who isn’t afraid to take risks, and I like that.

Off the clock…

You’ll likely find me exercising, meditating, cooking, or traveling the world with my husband—my high school sweetheart!