We take “team” to heart.

Meara Nisbet Clark, ACCMeara Nisbet Clark, ACC

Managing Partner

My path to coaching began with a game-changing decision to become a better listener.

Listening to what is and isnt being said and bringing it out into the open feels risky. It also ultimately builds trust. When high-achievers learn to trust each other and focus on their shared purpose, a sea change occurs. The swirl of interpersonal conflict ebbs, freeing up vital energy to create new products, improve service, or grow the business.

Once I experienced coaching as a vehicle for adding this kind of value in organizations I was hooked. After completing my training to become ICF-certified, I launched my leadership coaching business in 2008 and joined Halo Partners in 2013.

My coaching career was preceded by 15 years of strategic advocacy. I facilitated services for military families and at-risk youth in my community and lobbied for Bank of America, the Washington Bankers Association, and the Washington State Medical Association in Olympia and Washington, D.C.

Why coaching?

The simplicity of coaching appeals to me: Awareness + Choice + Action = Results. I am intrigued by the challenge of customizing this formula so it works for real people struggling to succeed in stressful, complicated situations.

My approach…

Includes short words, specific tasks, physical movement, and humor. My sweet spot is the intersection of team building, productive conflict, and meaningful communication.

I am professionally fulfilled by…

Exceeding client expectations, especially when it comes to measurable outcomes that drive business success. For teams, this often includes the moment they name the elephant in the room and let go of assumptions long enough to learn something new. For individuals, it’s watching clients grow stronger and more influential as a result of their own insights.

Friends describe me as…

Outgoing, loyal, and sentimental. You can count on me to speak my mind, laugh often, and order ice cream for dessert.

Off the clock…

You can find me inside a yoga studio seeking balance or outdoors with my sons and husband on adventures involving way too much gear.