We help organizations and individuals move through change.

The result? High-performing individuals and teams that trust themselves, take risks, and innovate.

Our clients say it all.


I firmly believe that our generous coaching program is helping us to be more successful and innovative. Thank you, Halo!

Sarah BirdCEO, Moz

My team is stronger and we know how to leverage each other’s strengths. That means Im able to focus on working on rather than in the business.

Robyn La FleurOverlake Hospital

Being reminded to stay true to myself and my core values as I navigate a substantive career change has helped me keep my feet on the ground and build from my personal foundation—the only way to assure lasting success. Thank you!

Michael EriksonCOO, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Your approach was organized, energetic, respectful, and insightful. And it resulted in better trust and engagement among our staff. We will be back for more!

Claudia BermanCOO, Jewish Family Service

It’s easy to get caught up doing the day-to-day work, not planning for the future. But since working with you, our firm has become more efficient and effective and we continue to consistently grow sales. Any company looking for insightful guidance should work with Halo.

Dawn WilkinsonCEO, Six Walls

What we create with you:

Clear values,
vision, & mission

Clarity breeds momentum

Company Culture

Walk your talk, from CFO to PPO

Employee Morale

Happy people take inspired action

to Innovation

Make your mark on the world

The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect

It starts with a light at the center, where you’re stuck. With clarity on habits and ideas that limit success, individuals become open to change. New behaviors and fresh insights take root. Fueled by the spark of their own potential, people and teams can’t help but shine brighter—at work, at play, in life.

Onward and outward the good vibe goes. No angels required.