• We bring out your best.

We offer a powerful, approachable brand of professional coaching that supports sustainable change and allows innate excellence to flourish.

Being in the business of human potential, our work is never boring, and it never looks the same way twice.

With your goals and values as our starting point, we create relevant, effective (and fun) coaching programs that honor where you are and get you where you want to go.

From strategic visioning, change management, and neuroleadership to mindfulness and emotional intelligence, our coaches apply a creative integration of evidence-based practices, time-tested tools, and intuition to amplify your unique professional best.

How we work:



Get to know you, your goals, and hang-ups.



Match you with the most effective coach or team for your needs.



Create and implement a program or series of programs uniquely suited to you.



Develop a roadmap for integrating key learnings to ensure relevant, lasting change.

Who we help:

CEOs and Senior Executives

These days, your brilliance and business acumen aren’t quite enough. People skills and presence are now some of the most important predictors of success and sustained growth for leaders at the top. How are you showing up?

Halo coaching gives you unbiased, confidential support to unravel limiting beliefs, adapt new behaviors, and unlock your true people power. Infuse your relationships, communication, and strategic thinking with confidence and fresh clarity to make the most meaningful impact.


Leadership has nothing to do with title, position, or personality. It’s a learnable set of skills that is available to all. Whether you want to be a better boss, change careers, or discover how to put more you in your work, unleashing your inner leader paves the way.

Halo coaching teaches practical leadership skills while clarifying the core of who you are and what you’re here to do. Uncover blind spots that are limiting your joy and potential and reveal, or re-ignite, your spark.

Teams and Groups

Collaboration is queen, and teamwork is complex. Teams are comprised of complementary talents that exceed any one person, and yet each member has to feel and play her part. For both organizations and individuals to thrive, teams need to work in new ways.

Halo coaching helps clarify and strengthen the connective tissue of trust within teams. As a result, individual strengths, skills, and self-expression contribute more freely and cohesively to a shared vision with better results—a win-win that feels good to all.



The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Or, at least it’s supposed to be. During times of change or rapid growth, it’s all too easy to lose trust and lose track.

Halo coaching offers smart, seasoned insight and strategies to restore or develop true trust and collaboration at every level of your organization. With renewed internal alignment, individuals take ownership of change and naturally drive innovation with finesse instead of force.

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