• We bring out your best.

We offer a powerful, approachable brand of professional coaching that allows innate excellence and authentic leadership to flourish.

With your goals and values as our starting point, we create relevant, fun, and effective programs for real human beings. In other words, people tend to not only like our programs, but to learn and grow in important ways from them.

Being in the business of human potential, our work is never boring, and it never looks the same way twice.

From strategic visioning and leadership training to mindfulness and emotional intelligence, our coaches apply a creative integration of skills, practices, and personality to engage with and amplify your unique “professional best.”

Who we help:

CEOs and Senior Executives

It can get lonely at the top. Your creativity, flexibility, and ability to inspire are tested every day. You set the tone that drives your company’s culture, but what’s driving you?

By working with a Halo coach, you get unbiased, confidential support to unravel limiting beliefs and behaviors and unlock your true power.


One size never fits all. Whether you want to become a better manager, start a new career, or discover what makes you tick, you deserve a skilled, compassionate partner dedicated solely to you.

A Halo coach will help you uncover blind spots that are limiting your joy and potential and reveal your purpose and passion, clear as day.

Teams and Groups

Collaboration is queen. Teams are like living, breathing organisms with their own needs and personalities, essential to making things happen in the world. What happens when they become toxic?

Halo coaches work with groups and teams to nip toxic attitudes and behaviors in the bud, fostering trust, self-expression, and a shared vision that feels good to all. 



The whole is greater than its individual parts. To be truly effective, organizations need to be run holistically, as an integrated system. During times of rapid growth, it’s all too easy to lose track.

Halo coaches develop integrated programs that promote trust, accountability, and effective communication at every level, allowing innovation to flourish.