Team Coaching

Focus. Performance. Leadership.

“In organizations, real power and energy is generated through relationships. The patterns of relationships and the capacities to form them are more important than tasks, functions, roles, and positions.”

– Meg Wheatley – American Scholar & Behaviorist

What is Team Coaching? Teams are complicated – they create a system comprised of complementary skills and capabilities that exceed any one individual.  We expect that collaboration, trust and effective communication are innate capabilities; which is not the case unfortunately.  If organizations want a different outcome, teams need to be working differently – at their highest potential and learn how to effectively communicate, collaborate and build trust.

As Team Coaching practitioners, we apply the same principles of individual coaching focusing on the entire system helping teams to recognize unproductive patterns and establishing new norms that create effective, resilient teams.    Team coaching enables members to:

Make full coordinated use of their collective strengths and skills
Connect and build relationships
Create productive norms for collaboration and communication
Produce exemplary results around common outcomes and goals

At Halo Partners we offer a variety of coaching and leadership development services that we tailor to each individual and teams’ needs. Our coaches are all ICF certified and have a minimum of 15 years of experience working with individuals and leaders within organizations of all sizes.